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Welcome to the Slow Money Podcast. Where we give you realistic ways of attaining financial freedom. In each episode, we share Get Rich Slow strategies to help you go from employee to entrepreneur and turn your dreams into income streams.

In this episode we have a chat with John Corey, founder of property Fortress. John is a steadfast figure on the London property scene with a diverse background. Before launching his property education company, Property Fortress, he worked alongside the likes of Steve Jobs in Silicon Valley. He now focusses on helping property investors find the tools and services to be successful. John has been investing in property for over 30 years.

After his successful career in technology, he reinvented himself as a multinational landlord with a property portfolio spanning 11 time zones from Bradford to Hawaii. I asked John about his time reporting directly to the legendary Steve Jobs, and his interactions co-workers who became the founders of LinkedIn and Pixar. We also cover his own transition from employee to entrepreneur and he shares some tips for property investing based on his journey from employee to entrepreneur.

Key discussion points include:

  • On reporting directly to Steve Jobs at NeXT Inc – “One of the things I did learn was that presentation matters. How to tell his story, how to envision the future and then communicate it effectively in words.”
  • On things not turning out how you planned – “A lot of things you do it for one reason, and that turns out to be something else.” That something else can end up being the World Wide Web, as is the case with Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who “created Web as a project simply to justify buying the NeXT Computer. The pattern is that you incrementally solve problems”
  • On courses telling you to quit your job to become a full time property developer – “I think it’s rather lame. Lenders, particularly after the credit crunch, lenders don’t want to lend to the people who don’t have any income because tax don’t want to build the banks.”
  • On getting started in property – “Start with what you’re good at. If you’re a numbers person or you love customer service types, there that shouldn’t heavily influence the strategies that you choose to invest in property. And don’t get emotionally attached.”

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