Why Bitcoin futures could be a game changer for Cryptocurrencies | Breakfast Briefing |

Welcome to the Slow Money Podcast. If you’re looking for realistic ways of attaining financial freedom, you’re I the right place! In each episode, we share Get Rich Slow strategies to help you go from employee to entrepreneur and turn your dreams into income streams. In our first ever Breakfast Briefing episode.

In this launch episode, we talk about another launch. The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) futures exchange in Chicago has launched Bitcoin trading. If you think Bitcoin prices are in a bubble, then you can bet on a drop for the first time. It’s one of many steps that continue the process of legitimising the currency and imbedding it into the financial system.

See http://www.viableconsulting.co.uk/news/bitcoinfuturescboe for more on this subject.

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