Interview with Tina Walsh | Property Sourcing Compliance

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In this episode, we have a chat with Tina Walsh, a property sourcing specialist. Tina and her husband, Tony, are the founders of Sanctuary Property Sourcing.

Before becoming an expert in property sourcing, Tina covered quite a range of areas which helped build up her skills. She has not only worked in the police force, in a tile shop but also learned the historical nature of building and architecture. She’s also gone on to work as a PA and then in a school where she has managed the funding process. She left the school environment and went into the healthcare sector where she started out on her way to sourcing, initially businesses.

Tina also shared that while they always loved property, when they went attempted investing in 2005 in property, it didn’t go as what they planned. Wanting to pursue what they love, they used mentorship programs as a way to plug their knowledge gaps and very pleased with the outcome they got from their mentorship program.

It was through this process that they came to the realization that but their main interests were in the business side and wanted something they could do together, so this led them to the property sourcing business.

With Tina’s experience, she shared, ‘I know that a lot of people think that you should not have to pay thousands of pounds for mentorship but the most valuable thing that any one of us got is our time and it takes time to become an expert in any subject.’

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