Whether you’re an investor who wants to level-up, or know you should be investing but aren’t currently, we demystify investing so that you can better understand and manage the risks


How Can You Capitalise on the Recession?


How to capitalise without the experience of previous recessions - What did investors do in the past and what lesson can be learned for the future? Can you use this recession as a buying opportunity to build passive income and grow your net worth? Join us to find out more


Is Crowdfunding for Everyone?


Crowdfunding and peer to peer lending are both growing rapidly this is democratising access to investment opportunities - both debt and equity by making it much more accessible to everyone. But what are the risks? Whether you are looking to invest in start-ups, raise funds to grow your property business, or looking to invest in other people's property development projects, how can crowdfunding and peer to peer lending can help?


Can you Invest in Property with Limited Funds?


Can you invest in property with Limited Funds? Is it possible to invest in using 'OPM' - Other people's money? - and get cashflow from 'OPA' - Other people's assets? Maybe you don't have a large pot of capital to begin with, or your cash is already tied up in other deals. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to raise finance from potential joint venture partners. This is a practical, case study based webinar where we will discuss the full techniques you can use to start building your property business straight away. You will find out: How much can you


How To Manage Property Properly

Sept 2020

What does it take to manage a property portfolio properly? Join us to find out more how some of the leading practitioners in property are handling challenges, including: Portfolio building and property management  - what are the pros and cons? Can a private landlord still make returns within an ever-increasing regulatory environment? Self-manage vs use an agent? The evolution of property management - how to use prop-tech tools for better remote management and do you even need to? Lettings - what does it take to build a property management company? Landlord obligation - how can you protect yourself?



At our events, we drill down into the detail for investors so they can better understand all aspects, from managing buy-to-let properties to investing and stocks and shares

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