Whether you’re an investor who wants to level-up, or know you should be investing but aren’t currently, we demystify investing so that you can better understand and manage the risks


Is Crowdfunding for Everyone?


Crowdfunding and peer to peer lending are both growing rapidly this is democratising access to investment opportunities - both debt and equity by making it much more accessible to everyone. But what are the risks? Whether you are looking to invest in start-ups, raise funds to grow your property business, or looking to invest in other people's property development projects, how can crowdfunding and peer to peer lending can help?


Do you have an Investor Mindset?

Financial Coaching is rare in the UK. But it can help to equip you with the skills you need to take better control, and responsibility for your financial future. Unlike financial advisers, there is no product to sell. In this session we simply want to inspire you to fulfil you highest aspirations. You can do this by puting in place effective financial strategies to accomplish them.



At our events, we drill down into the detail for investors so they can better understand all aspects, from managing buy-to-let properties to investing and stocks and shares

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