Interview with Davin Poonwassie | Crowdfunding

In this episode, we are joined by Davin Poonwassie, a pioneer in the UK crowdfunding sector. Davin and his wife are the founders of Simple Crowdfunding a Property Crowdfunding marketplace that connects investors with fundraisers.

Prior to Crowdfunding Davin had an IT background specializing in network and database management. He worked on innovative projects and teams responsible for over 200 servers across Europe. This gave him the experience on the distributed system well for Bitcoin and Blockchain were buzzwords. (As we all now known in this time, Cryptocurrency is based on Blockchain which uses distributed technology.)

Starting early, Davin began his property journey during university with some help from his brother. Later during his IT contracting career in the 2000s he and his wife decided to focus on property and began to build a portfolio. And it was in the process they came to look at crowdfunding as a viable business.

Using their combined skills and experience across technology, CRM, regulations, and compliance they managed to create a platform based on the idea of talking to a crowd of people over the internet and using technology to safely connect people looking for money with people looking for deals.


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