Interview with Kam Dovedi | Understanding that you can do this!

Welcome to the Slow Money Podcast. Where we give you realistic ways of attaining financial freedom.

In each episode we share Get Rich Slow strategies to help you go from employee to entrepreneur and turn your dreams into income streams.

In this episode we are pleased to be joined by Kam Dovedi, founder of Premier Property.

Kam has 28 years of experience in the property space. He began at the tender age of 18. He has successfully made money in property through the market crashes as well as the boom times, using innovative ideas as well as tried and tested strategies.

By the age of 23 Kam was financially free and now works with property entrepreneurs helping them become financially free as well as continuing to develop his property business.

Having spent £250k+ on coaching, mentorship and educational courses in his career so far, we have an in-depth discussion with Kam about the importance of Return of Investment in every decision you make and different types of mentors he has had.

I asked Kam about his property journey starting as a ‘mortgage host’ to help a family member when prices and interest rates peaked in 1989. He talks about going from being in mortgage arrears and how it turned into positive cash flow stream. We also discuss how the path to financial freedom depends on the individual and you can take a phased approach, as opposed to a cliff edge jump.

Finally, I ask Kam some quick fire questions on property investment.

Key discussion points include:

  • Using naivety as a strength to learn more – “What I find with naivety, especially if people are more intellectual, people are in positions where they are working in large organisations, they to be over complicating things and gentle naivety where you keep your mind open to listening to a different viewpoint allows you to do more”
  • The definition for financial freedom – “It comes in three phases – Firstly it’s about replacing your current income; then you are able to maintain your lifestyle passively and the third phase is where you are creating enough wealth for yourself where money is not an issue”
  • The key things to look out for when thinking about investing in a property course – “Firstly, are they actually active in the field they are talking about? Does this person resonate with you? How expensive are they?”
  • How to get the most out of a course – “Whenever I go on a course, I take specific action notes to implement and make sure they are always in front of me so that I look at them every day. Another thin that will drive you is understanding why you really want to do this.”



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