Interview with Kevin Wright | Bridging the finance gap in property investments

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In this episode, we have a chat with Kevin Wright, an expert in Bridging Finance and developer of the Recycle Your Cash and Ninja Investor Programmes. Kevin like many people didn’t have a clear career path to the property sector and has been a successful designer and seller of kitchens.

He moved into financial services and has been a financial advisor since 1992. Kevin’s current brokerage focuses on bridging and development finance. He has also taught over 1,000 people about the intricacies of bridging finance and how it can be used with intelligence to produce a successful outcome. We spoke with Kevin about the start of his property journey and he told us how he learned about the property trade by observing his first landlord making money from property. This happened to be an HMO before they were popular.

The value of this episode is a really in-depth discussion about Bridging Finance. We talk about the pros, cons, and various strategies that are available to maximise investment opportunities. Kevin takes us through some examples to help better understand bridging and dispels some myths and fears.

Key discussion points include:

  • Whilst good time management enables one to juggle a full-time job and a property portfolio, one will have to “burn the candle at both ends” for a limited period of time to be successful
  • What Lenders take into account when offering a mortgage:
    • Earnings multiples
    • Lifestyle factors impact disposable income e.g. number of dependents
    • Impact of future interest rate rises
    • For a cash-poor investor, there are still multiple ways that they can get into the market despite it being more difficult to borrow money from a traditional mortgage provider e.g. Lease Options, Rent to Rent and Bridging
  • Bridging companies provide a number of different products that will reduce the deposit required from the investor.
  • The better training courses provide material which you can take with you and also provide post-training support. In addition, if the tutor only spends a small proportion of course time on upselling then the chances are that you will get value for money.

Mentions Links Ninja Investor Programme– Kevin’s investor training programme

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