Interview with Piotr Rusenik | Property at Auction

In this episode, we are joined by Piotr Rusenik, a specialist in auction property purchases and director of Synergy Property Partners. Besides that, we go behind the story of my own recent purchase of a property at auction.

Piotr specialises in buying and selling properties at auction. He mainly assists people experiencing issues selling a property, or just need to sell quickly and have typically never used auction house before.

First of all, his transition to entrepreneurship started after spending time as an employee buying and selling properties at auction for a boutique London firm. He went on to start his own business 5 years ago.

Piotr not only shares his own strategy for bidding at auctions, but we also tell us about the downsides of auction purchases. Most importantly drops an Easter egg about how you can find out the reserve price from the guide price.

In contrast, we talk about my recent experience of buying at auction. While Piotr provides me with some guidance on what I should do differently next time.


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