Market Volatility, Zoopla Rental Market Report, and Crypto Flash Crash | Three interesting Things that happened This Week

We are all busy focusing on the things coming up, but we should also reflect and make sense of things.

Let’s take a look at the world through the rearview and let’s see what’s behind us.

Last week,

  1. Market Volatility -The prospect for higher global growth has also led to revised expectations for inflation and as a result the future path of interest rates. Higher-than-expected price increases and an accumulation of economic news appears to have given investors the jitters.
  2. Zoopla Rental Market Report – Data continues to pour in. London is still dragging the rental numbers down. Post pandemic there seems to be distinct markets changes emerging in the rental sector.
  3. Crypto Flash Crash – one tweet from Elon Musk was enough to send reverberations across billions of dollars worth of crypto. But we’ll talk about that in a different video.

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