Pilot |Red or blue pill?

Welcome to the Slow Money Podcast. Where we give you realistic ways of attaining financial freedom. In each episode we share Get Rich Slow strategies to help you go from employee to entrepreneur and turn your dreams into income streams. In this pilot show we have a short episode on what the show is about. Key discussion points:

  • Go to school, get a good grades, get a job – sound familiar? Is there another option?
  • Lots of marketing out there that tries to sell you get rich quick schemes but material wealth doesn’t bring bright smiles and happiness.
  • We discuss ways to make money through sustained action over time.
  • Focused on get rich slow strategies, from property to stocks and shares.
  • We’ll help you go from Employee to Entrepreneur  by manage your life like a business.
  • You can build wealth as long as you don’t expect to happen over night.
  • We all tend to be good at starting things but not so good at completing the.
  • We also all have periods where we make great progress and others where we stall.
  • Everyone’s guaranteed to fall somewhere along the way
  • But that’s OK, because we are here to help encourage, support and guide you through this journey.

Passing thought: Life is like playing a computer game, the more time you spend playing, the better you become!  

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