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What will you get from your membership?

SlowMoney Club is a learning network for high earners not rich yet (HENRY). We help those looking for peer support to help them navigate the opportunities and challenges in the post-pandemic economy.

Joining the Club as a monthly Member will give you access to all our networking events and meet-ups. You also get access to exclusive content on our website.  

Privé Members (annual membership) receive 1:1 calls to discuss investment strategies, access expert masterclasses, quarterly board meetings, and improve their investment acumen through coaching.


nvesting and building wealth has become even more important in the wake of how the pandemic has changed the world. That is what Privé Membership is all about.



We have a unique approach to wealth preservation; our focus is on leveraging collective wisdom and engaging Members in an extraordinary community to enhance their personal and professional lives.

“Our mission is to help our Members build and preserve wealth by connecting into an unparalleled network of like-minded wealth creators and thought leaders. Through trusted relationships and meaningful dialogue, our Members can translate the transformative value of wealth into personal wellbeing” –  SlowMoney Founders

Whether you’re an expert or a financial novice, Privé membership will give you a strong multi-asset investing foundation. We cover everything across the property, crypto, and stocks. Get real tools you can start using today to build a better financial future. Save yourself thousands, and build real wealth with time-tested strategies from people who are real. Get the support you need with navigating the challenges and opportunities that success creates.

What you will get as a Monthly Member

>Monthly networking event at an exclusive location

> Access to a thriving online community

> Step-by-step video tutorials on investing

> Headline Annual Event

What you will get as a

Privé Member

 (in addition to everything above)

> 1:1  Investment Strategy Call

> LIVE in-person Masterclass sessions with subject matter experts

> Introductions to professional service providers as required

> Quarterly Board Meeting

> Access to Mentors and Coaches

> Access to exclusive investment deals

> The SlowMoney Journal



Our private online group connects Members to each other for advice and input on investment opportunities, as well as a broad range of topics of significance and importance to wealth creators around the world.

We offer physical and virtual events that provide, learning, networking, social, and investment opportunities.


Round table

Board meetings

Central to Privé Membership are Board Meetings, where 8-10 Members meet once per quarter, led by a Chair who is an accomplished professional and experienced facilitator.

We essentially serve as fellow members’ personal board of directors. Meetings are well structured, led, and professionally facilitated by a Chair.

The Board Meeting is where the intricate convergence of your wealth, business, and personal finance can all be addressed head-on. We help each other find solutions.

We bring a range of expertise and investment styles, shared in a secure and intimate environment of trust, confidentiality, and transparency, with immeasurable value not found anywhere else.

Wealth is about more than money

From investing and wealth-building to the preservation, succession, estate planning, or philanthropic endeavours, we curate a close-knit networking experience to discuss the topics that matter most to our Members. We harness power and intellect that spans a broad spectrum of industries. That way our Members get to leverage our deep well of experience and experts.


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