Investment Club

 The Circle of Awesomeness

We offer a safe space for you to discuss what you’re doing with your money and explore new investments, shaping positive family dynamics. Members of  Club discuss investment strategies, connect with peers, gain life-long learning, and improve their investment acumen.

You will gain access to a high net-worth community with plenty of social capital, as well as curated content and market research. Learn new ways to acquire and manage personal wealth.



Our private online group connects Members to each other for advice and input on investment opportunities, as well as a broad range of topics of significance and importance to wealth creators around the world. We offer physical and virtual events that provide, learning, networking, social, and investment opportunities. Select events are open to the significant other of Members to further enhance the experience.

Annual Seminar

The Annual Conference, always held at a world-class resort, is a “can’t miss” experience. This event is designed as a forum to bring together Members to share ideas in a collective learning and social environment. Members come for the speakers, as well as the opportunity to interact with the full Membership and meet peers from around the world in an intellectually stimulating environment.


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