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3 things
3 Interesting Things That Happened Last Week #4

  1. It was a very special day in the history of Bitcoin, but not how you may think
  2. Demand for building materials has skyrocketed
  3. With inflation seemingly on the horizon, is gold still a good inflation hedge?

3 things
3 Interesting things that happened last week #3

  1. Markets had to deal with structural inflation, again
  2. Zoopla published the Rental Market Report for March
  3. One tweet from Elon Musk cost billions of dollars in a crypto flash crash

3 things
3 Interesting Things That Happened Last Week #2

  1. Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decided to keep interest rates at 0.1%,
  2. If you buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, or any other digital currency, is that just the same as gambling?
  3. There is an adage in the financial markets: “sell in May and go away”, and many investors still listen to this advice religiously. But is it true?

3 things
3 Interesting Things That Happened Last Week #1

Here are 3 Interesting Things That Happened Last Week





Drill Down

What sectors are most affected by lockdown?

COVID is accelerating a lot of trends with polarising effects and the virus has fundamentally changed industries for the long-term. New strategies are needed in the post-COVID era. The so-called “unremarkable retail in the middle” is struggling the most. But it’s not just this sector.

What is the economic cost of new partial lockdown?

New COVID restrictions undoubtedly come with a cost. The economy faces a hit of £250 million a day if these new partial lockdown measures reverse the increases in things like people going to pubs and restaurants and returning to work. GDP could fall by between 3 per cent and 5 per cent in the last three months of the year compared with the third quarter. London alone could face annual costs of more than £2bn and companies in the City have already reversed recent return-to-work moves for staff

Why is the UK property market on fire?

UK housing market defied the pandemic, with average prices hitting record highs. What is behind this apparent contradiction?

What is the Job Support Scheme?

The Government plans a Job Support Scheme to replacing furlough –  Some say this is only kicking the can 6 months down the road…

Is online shopping on the decline?

Online retail sales in August had the biggest monthly fall since 2015, with sales falling by 2.5%. Why was this?

4 reasons UK property IS still a good investment
4 reasons UK property IS still a good investment

UK housing market defied the pandemic. Figures showed house prices rising at their fastest pace in 16 years, somewhat at odds with the wider economic turmoil in the UK. What is behind this apparent contradiction?

There are four main factors driving the speedy recovery…


John & Kwasi
Interview with John Corey

I recently had a conversation with John Corey, we discuss:

  • Property investing, including raising money and working with uncertainty during tough economic times. 
  • How Crowdfunding can give property investors the power to do deals they otherwise couldn’t.
  • How real estate tokenisation can be a potentially new way that everyday investors can overcome the traditional barriers to enter the property market.

You can also listen to the podcast interview with John here

UK Economy and Property Market Update

In this interview, Atuksha Poonwasi from Simple Crowdfunding talks to the founder of SlowMoney, Kwasi Affum about the current financial and economic situation. They offer insights into what’s happening in the UK property market, including the patterns of the last recession and potentially the current one.

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